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Life Insurance Tip

With a universal life policy the policy will “lapse” (meaning your death benefit will vanish) if the premiums and cash value aren’t enough to cover what’s known as the COI, or Cost Of Insurance. For that reason, it’s vital to make sure you’re getting a guaranteed UL. With a guaranteed policy, also called a no-lapse policy, it’s written into your contract that if you make certain premium payments that the policy will be guaranteed not to lapse until a certain age. Generally, that age is 121, meaning you’d have to be very old indeed to outlive your policy.

About Our Life Insurance Quotes

We use a third party database of top term life insurance companies to rank in terms of lowest life insurance rates. We can also provide term life insurance quotes online.

Term life insurance rates have been dropping steadily in response to increased competition. Term life insurance is a commodity, and improved access to online life insurance quotes information, such as at this Web site, is making it even more so. Whether to use life insurance as an investment is a separate decision; but for just pure life insurance, which is term insurance, why pay more than you have to?

Centennial-Life.com also lets you obtain term life insurance quotes from independent agents. These life insurance agents use software programs to ensure that they have the lowest life insurance rates; they don't quote for just one life insurance company. Term life insurance quotes are commodities, and they find the best term life insurance rate.


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