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Should Joran Van Der Sloot Buy Life Insurance?

Ok, we know young Joran has greater problems than qualifying for life insurance. But let's not move too fast. Joran Van Der Sloot should buy life insurance right away. The problem is, who will insure him? Once someone is incarcerated, most life insurance companies will not touch them. The stress from just being in prison can take years off your life. Also if he wants to buy a sizeable amount, assuming he leaves the proceeds to his mom, how will the company collect the samples they need to verify his health?

Joran's mom has said he has mental illness and multiple addictions. If true, we assume his mental condition remains untreated, given his violent history. Not what life insurance underwriters want to see. They are scared of unknowns. Surprises are usually not welcome when it comes to life insurance.

One expert has said that Van Der Sloot's mom needs to buy a black dress. We agree. The Prison Joran will almost certainly go, Lurigancho (Pronounced Loori-gancho) has been called the worst in the world. And he allegedly killed the daughter of someone with influence in Peru. For a few dollars, his young life could be ended without hesitation. When someone at the Life Insurer, most likely the underwriter, recognizes his name, he has no hope of getting approved.

If he were to get a small life insurance policy depending on the type, he might be able to borrow against the face value. He could use the proceeds to pay off his would be assassins and buy some protection. However, if someone was paid more than he was paying them to take his life, he would become another human swallowed up by Lurigancho. There are also many fellow prisoners / murderers that would love to add Mr. Van Der Sloot to their resume. In fact they run the prison. It's really a hopeless situation for young Joran.

And what Peruvian insurance agent is going to stroll into Prison to help out public enemy number 1? Not the kind of press we hope for. Assuming an agent does help him, would he possibly put down himself as the beneficiary? It would seem like an easy payday, and a return on a great risk he would be taking, helping someone so notorious. In short, Joran Van Der Sloot should have bought life insurance before embarking on a life filled with drugs, violence and third world destinations.


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